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Just like to update some of our  new treatments in the spa, mesotherapy  The most wanted treatment clinically   Proven to give you magic results just after your first session,  for all skin types & all ages,  it’s a great treatment for acne scarring, uneven skin, open  pores,age spots,fine line and wrinkles,  cellulite & stretch-marks.

The treatment creates a multitude of tiny puncher wounds to the skin layer which includes  The stimulate of production of new skin cells,This treatment has many benefits we recommend women and men to have this at least once a year,  results after your first session,  clients are amazed with  amazing results.  Free consultation is available.

Derma roller


Essential Beauty presents: an interview with founder

Credit to  AP Photographie on Flickr, 2013

Credit to AP Photographie on Flickr, 2013

Now that you know a little more about our luxury brand, we thought it apt to introduce you to the person behind it. For Zahida, founder of Essential Beauty, luxury is an important aspect of life as it provides balance for our mind, body and soul. She believes that people are more concerned about their skin than they used to be due to environmental effects. This means that luxury treatments are not only here to pamper us but also to maintain our vitality and glow. Here she talks about why Essential Beauty is different from other brands, the luxury treatments that are hot right now and the qualities she believes you need to start a successful beauty business: – What do you feel is unique about Essential Beauty? Customers need to feel great at the very second they step into a salon. Essential Beauty can pride itself on providing its clients with a spa experience that oozes pampering and luxury. Some of our brands such as Elixea, Kurland and Cucchio are luxury brands that are only traditionally sold in luxury spas and huge shopping centers like Selfridges. I have been given permission by these luxury brands to source their products and offer their treatments because they were impressed with the standard of beauty therapy that I offer. So, I feel Essential Beauty is unique because we have made luxury local and a necessity for many. – Please talk about the Essential Beauty products that get customers excited. I’d like to think that the Kurland Facial is something special. The natural properties of seaweed remove toxins from the skin and also help renew and refresh the skin, all in one go. Many customers also enjoy Essential Beauty’s signature Luxurious Body Wrap which is armed with decadent body polish from the West Indies and sweet Almond Oil which is then given a dash of vanilla for the best exfoliation effect. After the exfoliation, a Brazil Nut Oil with Vitamin E breathes life into your skin again, making it an effective barrier against a lot of daily tensions. The best treatment that I currently offer has to be the GLO Chemical Peel which rebuilds your skin structure and is made from pomegranate and is high in anti-oxidants. To say that is smells amazing is simply an understatement.

Credit to  Shai Barzilay on Flickr, 2005

Credit to Shai Barzilay
on Flickr, 2005

– How do you tailor a treatment for the client? I start with an individual consultation where I determine the type of skin that a customer has and their needs. I have always believed that customers should maintain the effects of their treatment at home. So, if I recommend an Elixea Classic Moor Facial which is great for all skin types and helps firm and tone a person’s complexion, I will provide them with after-care tips on how they can maintain the effects of their spa treatment at home. Although I have listened to customers say that their treatment effects did not last after their salon visit, I feel that your skin cannot be at its best if you do not help replenish it everyday. – What treatments do you feel will be popular in the future? The Gold Facial and the Vita Liberta Spray Tan, which is immensely popular among celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger.

Credit to  AP Photographie on Flickr, 2013

Credit to AP Photographie on Flickr, 2013

– What advice can you give to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs? Always be passionate about the work that you do as customers can pick up on this energy and are then put at ease. If a person is passionate about their work, then they will deliver great results. Perfection is also important to me which means that I never cut corners on any of my treatments. Never do anything for the money; do it because you enjoy it. Love,

Four reasons to choose Essential Beauty for your next luxury treatment

M-CuccioNaturaleBodyButter_essential beauty_1

Why should you spend more on a product when you can get it for less? Although many of us live by this traditional saying in our day to day lives, it should never be applied to our beauty regime. Everyone’s skin is sensitive and should always receive the same care as that given to a newborn baby. While there might be an initial monetary value in opting for a cheaper treatment, luxury treatments will love your skin for longer and will require you to make fewer visits to the salon if you follow the after-care advice. But why should you choose Essential Beauty as your ideal destination for your next luxury treatment? Here are some of the reasons why:

Natural Products

Made naturally, a Glo Therapeutics Face Peel, as offered by Essential Beauty is fantastic for repairing and renewing the skin without particular displeasure or discomfort- mild tingles and the occasional itch at most. Whilst being suitable for almost any skin type, you should find it also supports the structure of your skin as your treatment is customised to suit your complexion- peel levels ranging from superficial to the advanced. Using peptides to fight the signs of ageing, the Glo Therapeutics Chemical peels last upto an hour granting instant results without dehydrating and damaging the skin. Medical needling may be a slightly more invasive facial however is deemed to rid you of enlarged pores, wrinkles, stretch marks and other imperfections. The Glo Therapeutics Chemical peels are also made from natural fruits such as pomegranate and blueberries and are rich in antioxidants.

elixeamassage_Essential Beauty

If you are still looking to steer from the more invasive options, Essential Beauty also offers an Elixea Moor Mud facial. This is a brand which is popular at the Beverly Hills hotel in California and is also rich in nutrients, expelling chemical nasties such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate, making all Elixea treatments a 100% natural product, without a single preservative. The detoxifying nature of this Austrian treatment promises to stimulate blood circulation, deeply soften and tone, relieve muscle tension and even heal general flaws in the skin. Moor Mud has evolved over 20,000 years, originating from decomposed plant life. Therefore it is full of phytonutrients and is especially beneficial to the fairer sex as the mud also works to balance hormones, the life energy within the matter absorbs through the cells. The Moor Mud is so pure, it can even be orally ingested.

The ultimate spa experience in local London

Spa days are a dream, so to step into Essential Beauty and get that VIP spa-type experience (not to mention dodging the extortion of even the entrance fee required to attend a decent spa) is the type of visit Essential Beauty clients are in for. The products even used are spa endorsed which seriously sets the salon apart from others; the Kurland branded muds, salts and herbal creams Essential Beauty use on clients have a 40 year run within the spa establishment. The level of care and the nature of the treatments reinforce the quality of the experience while clients feeling more indulged than expected and greatly pampered. Some of the beauty therapists and make-up artists have worked on set alongside well-known British publications and global fashion shows. Plus the mere lavishness of some of the treatments (fancy a pedicure sock exfoliation?!) guarantees a visit surpassing the average expectation.

Essential Beauty_100% natural

Celebrity-endorsed products

The fore-mentioned Kurland products are used for the Seaweed Facial; Oprah Winfrey and Milla Jovovich are obsessed with seaweed; Milla making it a staple in her diet and daily skincare regime and Oprah often raving about its rich nutritional value in her blog/website. Plus the majority of Hollywood indulge in body wraps to stay trim, Essential Beauty provide the equivalent in an Inchloss Wrap which involves a full body scrub with white sand to abolish impurities and lightly fragrance the skin. It Works! Branded body wraps have been labelled the “Celebrities best kept secret” with users including Kim Catrall and Mario Lopez. Of course you too can be like them with this treatment offered at Essential Beauty. Jennifer Aniston is also a fan of a salt body scrub which you can also find at Essential Beauty in the form of the Elixea Salt Glow Treatment. This is a fine sea salt exfoliating massage followed by a rub with Elixea vitamin E and A body lotion. The ancient salt and cream weigh in quite pricey but imagine the long-term saving on bi-monthly £40 treatments? In addition, if you are a fan of Angelina Jolie’s glowing skin, Essential Beauty also offer a Radiance facial which naturally improves the skin’s beauty and allows you to feel refreshed hours and days after the treatment.

cuccio_3_essential beauty

Passionate about home maintenance/care 

Essential Beauty only uses luxury brands to cater for every skin type. For instance, Cuccio Europe are one of the largest nail care companies in the world and do not sell to any retailers which reinforces Essential Beauty’s exclusivity. You can feel secure in the thought that your treatments or manicure will continue to look professional at home. Cuccio Europe develops their products in the world’s best labs and never replicate or take on partner companies. A long lasting professional manicure is almost any woman’s key maintained beauty staple. Our Luxury Cuccio manicure experience at Essential Beauty uses sensual essential oils and sumptuous fruity scents to soak and exfoliate your hands while also refreshing them with a beautiful massage and polish.


Essential Beauty: The destination for luxury treatments

natural luxury beauty

Credit to Shandi-lee Cox on Flickr

Hello and welcome to the Essential Beauty blog.

Here you will find features that go deeper into the luxurious products that we use for your mind, body and soul. It will also be the place for our customer of the week interviews, our thoughts of the hottest treatment of the week or celebrity treatments that are hot right now that you can find at Essential Beauty.

So, we hope you visit the blog again soon but in the meantime, why not check out our amazing facials and body wraps that we have on offer? You can try our Sonopeel Derma Lift Facial which is an ultrasonic treatment for acne, wrinkles or fine lines or the Rescue Facial which will mean that you don’t have to cover your face with make-up so often.

Remember, luxury always comes first. Your skin will thank you later.