IMG_5566This treatment is used to inducs peaceful state of meditation, selected oils drip on your forehead smoothing the mind. Body & Soul.

Benefits of shirodhara.

1,  generates profound state of the relaxation  and brings balance and harmony to mind body and soul.

2, turn somebody’s healing mechanisms by opening up the flow of energy.

3, enhances sleep and rest.

4, stabilises the nervous system and stimulates the production of endorphins the feel good neurotransmitter.

5, enhances  concentration & mental clarity.

6, reduces shoulder and neck pain.

7, regulates all hormones  in the body my activating  the pituitary and pineal glands.

8,  replenishes  skin oils regaining natural luster and youthfulness.

9,  nourishes  hair and scalp,  strengthens hair follicles to prevent hair loss & graying.


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