IMG_5544Mesotherapy before and after.

Here we have our client who’s had mesotherapy treatment this is after 4  treatments, results here to be seen around the eye area wrinkles have disappeared, lifting the face and more definition around the chin area, we highly recommend this treatment to both men & women.

It’s clinically proven to give you results & slow down the ageing process

Mesotherapy provides the skin with special cocktails of nutrition such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals to boost its appearance significantly. As a result your face regain its natural elasticity, shape and glow.

It’s also helps to fight natural sagging and aging skin, helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

For all skin types and age.


Sagging skin

Uneven skin tone

Ageing  skin.

Ance scaring

Open pores

Sun damaged skin

Benefits of mesotherapy

1, gradually removes the skins deep toxins and water.

2, direct delivery to the skin of active ingredient required for absorption.

3,the ability to stimulate the skins healing process and promote skin metabolism, to maintain skin elasticity.

4, activate the cells repair damaged tissue, directly involved in cell metabolism to present aging and keep skin youthful.

5, wound healing using the natural ability to inducs the skins own collagen nutrition and growth.

6, No side effects, safe and reliable simple non invasive, also known as lunch time treatment.

7, delivers instant glow and more youthful skin.


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