Spa manicure with shellac

Spa manicure with shellac

Manicures Are very  important,  as first signs of ageing is the   Hands,  A regular manicure helps to keep your hands hydrated youthful and beautiful.

 We do two types of manicure, our normal manicure is done with our Thai products & luxury spa manicure  with cuccio. A luxury brand from California  as we believe luxury is important expect of every woman’s life.

cuccio  Products are made from natural fruits guava, nectar, sea salt,  papaya  and many other fruits with essential oils.


Hand and foot care  it’s important to both men and women. we have seven chakras,  in our body the root chakra which lies on the base of your spine is the main chakra if that is  blocked  you find that other chakras  will be blocked to,  did you know by having a pedicure you clear your root chakra  which then clears all the other chakras in the body.

Come and experience Total biss of pampering  for your mind body & soul.


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