Essential Beauty: The destination for luxury treatments

natural luxury beauty

Credit to Shandi-lee Cox on Flickr

Hello and welcome to the Essential Beauty blog.

Here you will find features that go deeper into the luxurious products that we use for your mind, body and soul. It will also be the place for our customer of the week interviews, our thoughts of the hottest treatment of the week or celebrity treatments that are hot right now that you can find at Essential Beauty.

So, we hope you visit the blog again soon but in the meantime, why not check out our amazing facials and body wraps that we have on offer? You can try our Sonopeel Derma Lift Facial which is an ultrasonic treatment for acne, wrinkles or fine lines or the Rescue Facial which will mean that you don’t have to cover your face with make-up so often.

Remember, luxury always comes first. Your skin will thank you later.



One thought on “Essential Beauty: The destination for luxury treatments

  1. I came across this spa salon, by reading the online views on Wahanda. First expressions was good. The therapist called Ada, did the deep tissue massage for an hour, constantly checking with me if she applying to much pressure. To say I was relaxed was an understatement. A few days later had the pedicure, excellent, very relaxing, was not rushed. Definitely will be going again. Would recommend all to try this place.


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